Christine Sullivan

Welcome to the web site of Christine Sullivan, one of Australia’s leading performers and vocalists. Christine is one of the most gifted, accomplished, versatile, unique and popular vocalists in the Australian music industry. She has made five acclaimed recordings, performed at major jazz venues and festivals around Australia and has performed internationally. Christine spends her time between Australia and Brooklyn, NY living, writing, recording and teaching.

A new book by Christine and Colleagues

The Singers’ Companion: Personal Wisdom from the Global Music Industry
by Christine Sullivan, Lucy Roleff, Tim Sweetapple, Monika Roleff

‘The Singers’ Companion’ is a collection of anecdotes, quotes, and words of wisdom, directly from professional artists, technicians, musicians, and singers from around the globe.  The work provides an inspirational platform of experience-based advice for aspiring students, teachers, arts/music organizations, and the general public, interested in the life and journey of the singer. It’s a gift of words of wisdom from industry elders, and emerging talents from different musical generations, genres, and age groups, to be used by the reader as an industry guide.

The genesis of ‘The Singers’ Companion’ began with the work of Christine Sullivan and Monika Roleff. Christine Sullivan is an internationally recognized singer, recording artist, performer, and teacher. Monika Roleff is an arts worker, word and arts festival coordinator, writer, and author. Both are voice enthusiasts with a rich ancestral heritage in the field.

The eBook can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.